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Posted by on May 17, 2020 at 12:50 PM





HUGO & I have been working hard on our yard this week... we planted 10 cedars in various locations around our property.  We have been really concentrating on the front entrance of our home as well as the far end of the side yard we call "The Point".  We call it that because it extends to the street in a triangular shape.  Very dramatic and makes the property look huge.  HUGO also planted a whole bunch of flower seeds and one ones he already planted last week are coming up...a very exciting time of year.  We just love how full and lush it looks this year...

We still have a ton to do but we are getting more done in quarentine than we ever did... I guess no outside distractions for us lately so it has given us the focus we need.  Hope that by the end of the summer I have a majority of the projects  DREAM ON!

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