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Posted by on July 29, 2016 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

HUGO A GO-GO found this great orange plastic curtain at the Sally Anne... it fits into our decor perfectly... (tacky)

Boudoir photos???

It is PRIDE week, and in honor of it, HUGO A GO-GO has donned a fabulous orange, palm tree print sarong to celebrate... and cope with the high temps and humidity here in the lower mainland... there is supposed to be some clouds and cooler weather over the weekend, so it should be great for the VANCOUVER PRIDE PARADE.  I made some changes to my costume so it will make it easier to maneuver during the parade that is taking place on Sunday.  Our costumes are more complex and cumbersome than anything we have ever worn before, so I wanted to make sure it will all work out for the parade.  We will be getting all decked out at our BFF Brent's place, as he lives in YALETOWN, near where we have to meet PLS (Positive Living Society)  We chose to march with them this year.  Every year we choose an organization we support, and PLS is where HUGO A GO-GO used to work.  They are a great group, and we are very pleased to walk with them in this years parade....

The Census people knocked on our door today, saying they never received our form (even though we filled it and sent it in over a month ago)  HUGO A GO-GO freaked out because I was literally BUCK NAKED when they knocked on our door... and he was only in his sexy, revealing orange sarong...LOL  I thew on a tank top (backwards) and answered the door... They asked the usual invasive questions... name, birth date, income... everything that was TOTALLY none of their business... we were in the middle of lunch when they banged on or door... and HUGO A GO-GO wasn't having it... but I stood their, half naked,  answering all the same questions we had already answered in the form we mailed about a total BUZZ KILL... not to mention they ruined a perfectly good lunch!    

So I figured out how to get my huge, inflatable flamingo costume to hang on me without having to hold on to the thing during the entire parade... without giving too much away, our costume have elements that I have not had to deal with in past years...  So it has been a challenge to figure out how to make the whole thing work, and not have to sacrifice any of our "accessories" in the process... I think I figured out how to wire the whole thing together... TONIGHT we are skipping the Davie Street Party... we had every intention of going but with all the stuff we had to get ready for the parade, we just weren't able to fit it in... Tonight we bought a box of wine... and getting ourselves prepped for Sunday's VANCOUVER PRIDE PARADE.  That's what you call "keepin' it classy" CHEERS!      


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Everyone here is gearing up for this weeks VANCOUVER PRIDE 2016 festivities.  The West End, or "gay villages" as it called, is literally covered with rainbows... the businesses really do a great job of getting into the spirit of the celebration.  We came in to see if we could pick up some wrist bands for the Davie Street Party on Friday night, but apparently they are only available on line. WTF? I think most of the event is free but to get into the beer gardens you need a wrist band... I guess we will get one at the party...

We have our costumes organized and are making last minute adjustments.  We have never worn anything quite so LARGE before, so the mechanics of the outfit has to be perfect... especially to walk the entire length of the parade AND all around the gay village afterwards... We are really excited this year to march in the parade... this is our 9th year walking in it.  HUGO A GO-GO walked in the PRIDE parades in Hollywood, California... I had never marched before... and had only been to 1 pride...LOL  It is going to be a blast.  We've come a long way baby!    

The Pride picnic that WASN'T...

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Every year we have attended the Vancouver Pride Picnic at Brockton Oval... so we checked the date, JULY 24th "Pride Walk and Picnic in Stanley Park"  I was up at the butt-crack-of-dawn making our big picnic lunch, got out all the rainbow stuff, packed it all up and headed out to the event... only one problem... IT WASN'T THERE!!!  WTF???  HUGO A GO-GO thought maybe I had the wrong date & time... or that I read it wrong on the Pride website... So we are now home and I re-checked the website... date right... location right... but no picnic.  Did I segway into a parallel universe???  I am STILL confused... and PISSED!  I know we are a bit out of the loop since moving out to New West, but you would think there would have been more info online.  I noticed that it is all a bit vague about the picnic itself as there is also a fun run/walk before hand... they said it started at Sunset Beach... We stopped there after driving all the way around Stanley Park looking for the event.  NOTHIN'!  We decided to spread out our rainbow blanket and have our own little picnic anyway...

UPTOWN LIVE! 2016 New Westminster, B.C.

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MUSIC... GREAT FOOD... BOOZE... and fabulous weather... that is what makes up a fun festival!  The UPTOWN LIVE in New Westminster had EVERYTHING!  HUGO A GO-GO & I had a great time today at this event just a few blocks from our place.  We were shocked at the sheer amount of people attending... but the weather was absolutely perfect for it.  We wandered around the festival checking out all the booths and vendors... we decided to support one of the local food trucks for lunch and tried something completely different.... a French brioche truck called "C'est si bon" (we thought of Eartha Kit who sang the song) We had a triple slider platter  (chicken, beef and veggie) with a side of "pommes duphine" (a deep fried mash potato fritter) DE-LICIOUS!  The veggie slider had goat cheese on it... and HUGO A GO-GO thought we were actually going to eat goat-meat with so silly... had to laugh at that when he looked so horrified when I ordered it.  After our nosh we headed off to the beer garden and drank a few STEEL & OAK, a local brewery's hop ciders... really hit the spot.  We sat for a while and listened to a couple of great bands and met some cool people... and then decided to head back home.  I had to get all the picnic stuff ready for tomorrows VANCOUVER PRIDE PICNIC IN THE PARK... we missed it last year but we are determined to make it this year...    

Come by... say HI!

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BLAST from the past @ VANCOUVER PRIDE PICNIC in the PARK.  This photo appeared in the COURIER Newspaper a few years back. The picnic is tomorrow (Sunday July 24th). We are going to be there with our colours on.  If you are at the picnic stop by and say HI!

The Plaza dedicated to the late JIM DEVA is supposed to be ready for next weeks VANCOUVER PRIDE.  It is looking fabulous!!!

And some random pics taken over the past few days...

THIS was buzzing around our apartment yesterday evening....


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When we heard about the "RIBFEST BBQ" event that was taking place Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, how could we NOT go???  I mean, who doesn't love a good BBQ.... a vegan I suppose. lol  It was another cloudy, humid day here on the west coast... basically been this way all summer.  Perfect for an outdoor festival.  The first thing we had to do (besides dodge all the freaks playing POKEMON GO) was to grab some award winning grub.  We had a brisket sandwich and a cob of buttery corn.  DAMN it was delicious!  After we inhaled that we wandered around the park checking out all the booths and displays. I was wearing a "bear cap" and one of the vendors said "Do you want to see the fur of a real bear?"  There was a dead animal skin lying on the table. HUGO A GO-GO said " I have a bear right here" as he was pointing to ME!  The guy didn't get  Then we stopped at another tent that was painting blocks... so of course, we just HAD to paint one too... HUGO  A GO-GO put "SMILE" on his and I put "BBQ" (how original) on mine... it was fun.  We walked around a bit more and wound up at the beer garden for a cider.  It wasn't all that crowded, and it was nice to just chill and people watch.  There was a dog tied up outside the beer garden that just fell in LOVE with HUGO A GO-GO...  We strolled around a bit more, down to the pier which was at the end of the park...and met a cute couple while we were sitting at a bench... They were both really sweet (and bisexual, we found THAT out after telling them we had just gotten married) It was great meeting them... I'm sure we will bump into them again at another festival.  By the time we finished chatting they had walked us to the exit of the park... The first event of 3 we have planned for this weekend.  Tomorrow it the UPTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL here in New West, and then Sunday is the VANCOUVER PRIDE PICNIC IN THE PARK... hopefully we will make it all 3!


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Adventures in Chinatown...

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HUGO A GO-GO bought me some lovely lilies the other day... and when all the buds opened up, the perfume was almost overwhelming... and they have lasted for over a week!   

ANOTHER ONE BITES IT... is one of our favorite thrift stores CLOSED FOREVER???  Tell us it isn't so...  We LOVE the TREASURE CHEST!

We LOVE going to Vancouver's's like a tradition with us...  and today we needed to pick up a few things. More accessories for our fabulous PRIDE PARADE costumes... a 6 pack of Ginseng pills, and of course, some prawn turnovers from New Town Bakery. We just HAVE t have them when we come downtown.  Last time we were here, the entire area was a construction pit... roads blocked and the streets & sidewalks ripped up... WOW, what a difference a few weeks make.... it looks great, especially the sidewalk in front of the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese garden.  That's where we sat and ate our turnovers... then it was off to find a watering hole (we chose the LONDON PUB on Georgia Street) and had a few cool ones before heading back home on the skytrain.   

A brand new restaurant with a wild sidwalk mosaic at the entrance.

These guys were filming some sort of TV show... they were doing "takes" of walking into the restaurant... there are TONS of movies and televisions show filmed in the area... Fun to see it in action!


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HUGO A GO-GO & I had a  fabulous time at the FRASER VALLEY PRIDE 2016 celebrations yesterday in ABBOTSFORD, B.C.  It is located about 1.5 hours from New West and we had never been there before.  We stopped by a cute 1950's style diner along the way called BOBBY SOX in Maple Ridge.  This kitchy little gem had the best breakfast we have eaten in ages... and good thing because we needed all our energy to first find the festival and then enjoy the day.  We weren't sure what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised to see so many people attending... including the spectacular Dave Davy DeCarlo (all dressed in PINK) as well as a few other people we knew from other Pride events.  We marched through the streets of ABBOTSFORD, and we saw all the great Pride displays that the store had in their windows... there was a contest for the best one!  The day couldn't have been better... cool and NO RAIN!  There was one guy who tried to put a damper on our party by dragging a huge wooden cross and parking himself at the outside of the festival... preaching the usual homophobic nonsense... there is always at least ONE of these haters trying to drag everyone back into the dark ages.  He got an earful from several of the attendees...

There were a few dignitaries there as well.... like MIKE FARNWORTH, an NDP MLA, as well as the deputy mayor of Abbotsford.  It was great to see them out... AND 2 police officers (one who just started with the force had relocated from Vancouver)  They wore cute rainbow bow ties and mingled with the crowd.  They also guided us through the streets when we marched.  All in all it was a lovely day... and I am so glad we made the trip out to celebrate with everyone.  And of course, we had our photos taken by tons of people and were interviewed by SPILL the BEANS on JOY TV!

This young mom said her child was "shy" because it was the first time he dressed "exactly like he wanted"   What a fabulous mom!

I was the ONLY one who got the irony...

Jeremy Perry from New West Pride Society

And he's was being a little cheeky!


and while we are on the subject of cheeky...


Interviewed by SPILL the BEANS on JOY TV

Another one bites the dust

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HUGO A GO-GO & I had a few shocks this week here in New West... 2 of the stores we liked are now closed and the spaces for rent.  At the URBAN MANCAVE, there was a really sweet lady that owned the place with her husband.  Their original store burned down in Port Coquitlam a few years back.  After searching the decided to try New West.  They couldn't have come at a worse time for downtown businesses.  The massive parkade on Front Street was demolished and re-routed traffic on to Columbia Street, where the Mancave was located... HUGE TRUCKS, construction crews, snarled up traffic... just awful.  Their shop sadly never caught on. AND they were smack-dab in the middle of "bridal row"... where at least 6 wedding dress shops on the same block... Again with the MEGA THRIFTSTORE on 12th Street.  Dead, dead, dead... And a lovely women worked there too... She decided she had enough of Vancouver and headed back east.  The store is now for rent. Total bummer...