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Look where we popped up....

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Every now and again I GOOGLE Ambassadors fo Fabulousness to see if there are any press pics I haven't seen floating around the internet... and also to see where our blog photos end up.  Well here's an example.  In our lastest search we came across a review from a restaurant we used to frequent when we lived in Vancouver.  It is called La Casita and it is one of the best places to eat in Gastown...anyway... after giving this establishment a glowing review they actually posted the photos and review on THEIR website...So can check it out here:


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Over 2 weeks in lockdown, and the cat is getting cabin fever... and so are we.  Housebound because of the cold weather Ginger "2" Snaps is overly affectionate and playful... unfortunately for HUGO A GO-GO he plays a little rough...His worst battle scar yet.  He is scarred for life.  Chunk Jr. has also been getting more comfortable and coming inside the house... to roll around on a catnip blanket our BF Brent gave us.  And I have been continuing my work on our country kitchen floor....lots of scraping old glue and lino.... slow and tedious...but the flooring we FINALLY picked out rocks...very retro!   


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My hunky huzbear HUGO A GO-GO is such a trailblazer.  He started an all inclusive LGBTQ2+ gay group here called FIERCE Merritt.  This town had never seen anything quite like it.  The local press got wind of HUGO A GO-GO'S idea and he was featured on the CBC News in Kamloops hosted by Shelly Joyce and on Q101 Merritt's station.  He had a meet & greet at a local cafe and then proceeded to have the first community gay picnic ever held here.  It was a great success but it wasn't without controversy. This was followed by a series of get-togethers at the Conyat Friendship a safe place to gather.  That came to an abrupt end when the person that approached us to start the group there quit her job. We were already thinking whether or not to do a picnic again this year but it seems the Covid virus made that decision for us. There is a website with some more pics of the events we had.   


Learning to bake bread...and other new skills

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Good day everyone... took a break from baking bread (yes, it has to come to that) to post a little post... Thngs have been quiet during our Covid-19 lockdown, and I have been learning new things to keep busy.  One new skill is baking bread... my second  try, first were these buns pictured here.  They turned out ok, but I have a lot to learn about baking.  lol We are healthy and staying as isolated as we can during this pandemic so it is all a part of it.  I have tons left to do here in the house, and the outside for sure.  Over the next few blogs I will get everyone caught up on what has been happening since we moved to the Rocky Mountains.  Going through photos of the past few years we have accomplished a lot and really got settled in our new house.  It is becoming the home of our dreams. 

JURASSIC WORLD filmed here!

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JURASSIC WORLD starring Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum filmed here in Merritt at the iconic Coldwater Hotel... we missed the extras casting call due to a confusing that was a few weeks back when things were normal...the COVID-19 virus has brought to a screetching literally EVERYTHING.  We have been kind of remanissing about the past adventures we have been on, and how far we have come since we first met in 1984 in Los our lives have been so parallel that it was serindipity we ended up together.  It is going to be a weird time the next few months...We have put ouselves into serious isolation..staying in our little house until this thing blows over.. I will be here blogging all  the a floor to put in the kitchen this week... then outside to get the garden ready, chicken coop built, a fence, and our greenhouse up an running.  I have to wait till the city offices are full open to get the permit for the greenhouse.  HUGO A GO-GO'S shipping container art studio idea fizzled when we found out they are actually illegal here to have as a building.  We decided on a larger greenhouse and he can make his art in there...we also have the entire exterior to patch & paint...It will keep us busy for sure.

Another day...another magazine cover,,,

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Hello again everyone. We have pulled our head out of our reno and taking a moment to re-start the AMBASSADORS of FABULOUSNESS website;and blog after a 3 year break... Yes, it has been THAT long... Our lives have certainly taken a 180 degree flip...from BIG CITY BEARS to MOUNTAIN COUNTRY COWBOYS. It has been the most exciting and challenging times of our lives... but on thing remains the same... we end up in the newspapers and magazines. We have been so immersed in our move from the coast (New Westminster, Vancouver) to Merritt, the lost RV year, a 6 month search for the perfect house and then ripping it all up... WOW!

We are almost done the interior and ready to tackle the massive yard. It was very unkept and dried out when we moved in. We would have been working on the outside first but the house was a dog & cat unrine soaked nightmare. My hunky huzbear HUGO A GO-GO said "PEEEEE_UUUWWWW.. I am not moving in here till you rip up these nasty carpets.... Our first 2 months were spent in the parked in our yard. LOL

and 3 years went by...

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We moved to New Westminster, B.C. from Vancouver B.C. in 2014. In 2015 we got married in a lovely old church on 4/20. After receiving a rental increase notice we had to pack our bags and move. Vancouver was too expensive to buy a house .Then we bought a car...a red CHEVY HHR we called the CHERRY BOMB. Best decision EVER. That gave us the freedom to explore... And we sure In a twist of fate, in 2016 we found an RV Trailer for sale at a campsite called "MOONSHADOWS RV PARK we stayed at while attending Okanagan Pride in Kelowna. It was in a mountain town called Merritt, about 1.5 hours from Kelowna and about 3.5 hours drive from Vancouver. We felt this was our destiny. We lived in the trailer for a year, the worst winter in local memory...-31C, snow every day... a real wake-up call and culture shock. We fell in love with the town... It's know as the COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITAL OF CANADA. Since we're both a little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n Roll, we decided to buy a home here. We found the perfect property on the edge of the downtown area. It is a 2 bedroom rancher on a double sized commercially zoned lot with enough room to park RV. The house however...totally needed gutted and renovated. We are now on the last stages of the interior reno. I taught myself how to do everything from installing wood flooring to rebuilding a fieldstone fireplace. About a year and a half ago a cute stray kitty adopted us and he has become our little GINGER "2" SNAPS. An adorable orange tabby with an funny personality... he has brought us much joy! And recently another stray that we call "Chunk Jr." We are pretty sure Ginger and Chunk Jr. were fathered by another cat we fed when we first moved in which was the "original Chunk" He died a tragic monster truck death...So they were both orphans. And there you have it... a brief update of the past 3 years... and how they have flown!


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Our trip to the town of Merritt (population 7189) was great fun, as well as surprising... One thing that was amazing is that the town has the CANADIAN COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME... and it is also considred the country music capital of Canada.  In honor of that, the streets are lined with huge murals of country's biggest stars:  Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Randy Travis, and the list goes well as hand prints and autographs on large plaques...  with at least 2 on every block.  There is also a fabulous old hotel called the COLD WATER.  It looks like it is right out of the wild, wild west.  They have a great little restaurant in there (which we had a nice lunch), but we didn't go into the pub... too early!  lol  There were lots of fun & funky shops selling everything from aboriginal art to live bate & firearms... but not all were open because it was a Monday... We noticed there was also a marijuana dispensary, but it was closed down before it ever opened. WTF?  Hopefully Prime Minister Trudeau with legalize cannabis soon. The town is surrounded by mountains, which makes it very picturesque.  I have to say... we were impressed!     

Kelowna & Lake Okanagan

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      It was scorching hot in KELOWNA on PRIDE day, and after the festival HUGO A GO-GO  & I headed downtown to sight-see.  It is a city of amazing murals, funky shops and loads of fun things to do.  It is no wonder people from all over the world flock here during the summer.  We went on a search to find some cool "Kelowna" T-shirts, and ended searching every street for a shop that sold them.  We found 2 places, and second place we stopped in had the perfect ones.  We wandered down literally every street in town, winding up at a great little eatery called FSH. They didn't have much actual seafood on the menu, but we did have a feed of fish & chips... lol... and a few cocktails to cool us off.  We asked our waitress where the nearest liquor store was, and directed us to the farthest end of the city.  We picked up a few beverages to take to our campsite, and then walked back along Okanagan Lake.  It is a long, winding lake, with all sorts of watery activities happening... a massive inflatable fun park, paragliding and of course swimming.  We didn't get into the water, as we were dressed for the Pride celebration and didn't bring our bathing suits or a towel.  NEXT trip we will definitely going in... and try EVERYTHING.       


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Our fabulous vacation continued with day 2 @ OKANAGAN PRIDE in Kelowna.  It was about an hour and a half drive from our campsite.  It was a very hot day, and the location couldn't have been more beautiful... on the shores of Okanagan Lake.  One of the first people HUGO A GO-GO & I "bumped" into was our own B.C. Premier CHRISTY CLARK.  She said "OH, you're the guys who always wear the great costumes!"  OMG!  SHE KNEW US???? lol  She even wore my gay glasses for a photo op and it ended up on her official Facebook page. HUGO A GO-GO told her she is prettier in person and she called him a BIG flirt... I piped in and said "That's why I married him!"  We saw a few people we recognized from different PRIDES we have attended in other cities... along with the usual booths and familiar food trucks.  They even had a small beer garden, where we had a much needed ice cold cider... and a nice looooooong sit...LOL  HUGO A GO-GO had been having some ankle issues, but it didn't stop him from walking around all day long... after the PRIDE festival we wandered around the gorgeous city of Kelowna... THAT is the next blog I will be posting...