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HUGO & I have been working hard on our yard this week... we planted 10 cedars in various locations around our property.  We have been really concentrating on the front entrance of our home as well as the far end of the side yard we call "The Point".  We call it that because it extends to the street in a triangular shape.  Very dramatic and makes the property look huge.  HUGO also planted a whole bunch of flower seeds and one ones he already planted last week are coming up...a very exciting time of year.  We just love how full and lush it looks this year...

We still have a ton to do but we are getting more done in quarentine than we ever did... I guess no outside distractions for us lately so it has given us the focus we need.  Hope that by the end of the summer I have a majority of the projects  DREAM ON!

Pandemic Picnic in the Park

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HUGO got out of the house for the first time in over 2 months... we were going to go for a picnic along Nicola Lake, about 20 minutes out of Merritt... but there was sign saying the hiway was closed... so we circled back and stopped at Lion's Park (the same place we had our first FIERCE Merritt picnic).We were the only ones in the park when we first got there... in the middle of our lunch cars and trucks started to flood in... It was like everyone decided to come to the park at the same time... or they just saw us there and figured why of the vehicles had a gang of seniors seemingly oblivious to the social distancing rules... they were joined by another carload...I was kind of shocked, considering everything that has happened over the past few monthswith the Covid-19 virus...and how many people don't GET it...yikes... I guess we can only save ourselves...

A beautiful day in the valley...

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We got outside this weekend and got a few things done in our huge yard.  The tulips, hyacinths and lilacs are all in bloom...and it was VERY warm today in the Rocky Mountains.  Just lovely!



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HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!  I got early this morning, ironed the flags and hung them on the of the Virgin Guadaloup and one that says Happpy Cinco de Mayo.It was a beautiful day for it at our lovely mountain home.. sunny, cool and perfect for a day of lawn mowing as well... we have a recargable electric lawn mower and it takes a while between charges... looks great... our tulips and fruit trees are in bloom...our GINGER "2" SNAPS has been really soaking up the hunky huzbear too!

Trying new recipes under lockdown...

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Learning new recipes seems to be what a lot of people are doing during the CONVID-19 lockdown.  I tried making cheese stuffed cantaloni with spicy meat sauce... turned out really nice... I am enjoying the new kitchen for sure...we are not missing going out to eat at all.

With the sunny weather the grass was ready for it's first cut of the season... while I was mowing I saw a piece of paper fly out of the machine and low & behold it was a $10 bill... SCORE!  I picked it up with gloves and washed it...just to be safe...We have never appreciated our vast yard more than we do now... doesn't feel like we're trapped here.

We have been in our place for almost 2 months now...we started a week before any orders were made to stay home...We are doing fine. 


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HUGO A GO-GO & I were both country boys when we were growing up.  Though I loved country living, my parents made it quite miserable and reckless...and HUGO A GO-GO was in a group home... so the first chance both of had to move out and start a life outside the farm we jumped at the chance!  Both of us ended up living in one of the fastest cities in the world...HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA... That is where we first met.  We both spent our adulthood in large urban centres, thinking we would never live in the country again... then fate stepped in.  3.5 years ago we made the leap to move from Vancouver to a small mountain town called Merritt, British Columbia.  We both love the mountains and the fresh air.  Little did we know just how much of a change it would be.  Our view from home is of Merrit Mountain and a newly constructed subsidized apartment building..both to remind us of how far we have come.  These 2 cowboys are staying put... in our little piece of paradise 


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It has been a harrowing few weeks with everythng going on in the world right now... With the COVID-19 virus taking hold, lockdown and social distancing, people are really stressed.  There have been many tragities but the absolute worst is the murders that took place in Nova Scotia... mind numbing and so hard to process.  HUGO A GO-GO made a lovely sign in tribute to the 23 people who list their lives in the senseless murders that took place.  Our fried Margo, who is from Nova Scotia, was very touched when she and her husband Don walked by our place and saw it... and someone left this post-it note on the sign as well...that meant a lot. 

Today I put up some new flags ... replacing the "New Years" flag on the garage (about time) to a JOHN DEERE flag and then one on the gate that reads "Merrit Country Music Capital of Canada".  We have been turning our party lights on every night and staying as positive as possible during this diffucult time.  We hope you are doing the same... air hugs and Corona-free kisses...Stay safe and thanks for dropping by our blog!



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Today HUGO A GO-GO and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary...and the "official gift" is "WOOD" which is kinda funny since we are living next door to a sawmill... and it is also HAPPY 420!  It is weird not being able to celebrate either event outside or at a restaurant... but we will have our own celebration inside our lovely home here in Merritt.  The 2 photos are ones that represent our 420's together. First the photo taken at the 420 ralley at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2013.  It appreared in major newspapers all over Canada that year then re-appeared in the Toronto Sun 4 years later... HUGO A GO-GO'S family called to tell us they had seen it on the front page...LOL We really are EVERYWHERE.

Our history goes back almost 40 years... when we first met in Los Angeles in 1984.  HUGO A GO-GO had just arrived and I was leaving to go BACK to Canada...25 years later we met again in Vancouver...fell in love...lived a block from each other during our lengthy courtship and then moved in together in 2014.  We also moved out of Vancouver to New Westminster after buying a flashy red Chevy we called the CHERRY BOMB... we lived there for a year and a half...Now with the ability to travel and explore we found ourselves moving to Merritt, B.C. after finding a nice RV to transition. After a rough winter in the RV we found our house and have been living in it for the past 3 years.. A cute stray orange cat "adopted us" a year after moving in and he has become the light of our lives.We call him GINGER "2" SNAPS . I am so happy HUGO A GO-GO & I met up again after so many years... and it was literally fate that brought us together.  I am the luckiest guy in the world!




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Here they are... my 2 GINGERS... The men in my life...My hunky huzbear HUGO A GO-GO and our love-child GINGER "2" SNAPS... He is a stray that adopted US a few years ago.  He has become the light of our lives... and a real blessing. It has been a breeze being in lockdown with them during this COVID-19 epidemic...Today I went for a shopping trip to WALMART... with a mask and gloves on... surreal but we needed cat food and groceries... We have another stray we have been feeding named Chunk Jr. and he like wet cat food...HUGOA GO-GO has not left the property for over a month...I have been out 3 times... We will be staying close to home for the next few months. 

This floor's a chore...

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Well... Easter weekend is over... wasn't much of a holiday really, with the Covid-19 making it a very quiet one.  I have still been working on this blasted kitchen floor... an absolute disaster.  I am removing old lino, glue and paper backing with a small one inch chisel... painstakingly exhasuting.  I worked on it for about 5 hours today.  Should be stripped bare, ready for our fabulous flooring tiles to be installed by the weekend.  That's a whole other  I have been renovating this house for over 2 years and I am ready to get outside and do some stuff out there this summer... plenty to do for sure.