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Our trip to the town of Merritt (population 7189) was great fun, as well as surprising... One thing that was amazing is that the town has the CANADIAN COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME... and it is also considred the country music capital of Canada.  In honor of that, the streets are lined with huge murals of country's biggest stars:  Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Randy Travis, and the list goes well as hand prints and autographs on large plaques...  with at least 2 on every block.  There is also a fabulous old hotel called the COLD WATER.  It looks like it is right out of the wild, wild west.  They have a great little restaurant in there (which we had a nice lunch), but we didn't go into the pub... too early!  lol  There were lots of fun & funky shops selling everything from aboriginal art to live bate & firearms... but not all were open because it was a Monday... We noticed there was also a marijuana dispensary, but it was closed down before it ever opened. WTF?  Hopefully Prime Minister Trudeau with legalize cannabis soon. The town is surrounded by mountains, which makes it very picturesque.  I have to say... we were impressed!     

Kelowna & Lake Okanagan

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      It was scorching hot in KELOWNA on PRIDE day, and after the festival HUGO A GO-GO  & I headed downtown to sight-see.  It is a city of amazing murals, funky shops and loads of fun things to do.  It is no wonder people from all over the world flock here during the summer.  We went on a search to find some cool "Kelowna" T-shirts, and ended searching every street for a shop that sold them.  We found 2 places, and second place we stopped in had the perfect ones.  We wandered down literally every street in town, winding up at a great little eatery called FSH. They didn't have much actual seafood on the menu, but we did have a feed of fish & chips... lol... and a few cocktails to cool us off.  We asked our waitress where the nearest liquor store was, and directed us to the farthest end of the city.  We picked up a few beverages to take to our campsite, and then walked back along Okanagan Lake.  It is a long, winding lake, with all sorts of watery activities happening... a massive inflatable fun park, paragliding and of course swimming.  We didn't get into the water, as we were dressed for the Pride celebration and didn't bring our bathing suits or a towel.  NEXT trip we will definitely going in... and try EVERYTHING.       


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Our fabulous vacation continued with day 2 @ OKANAGAN PRIDE in Kelowna.  It was about an hour and a half drive from our campsite.  It was a very hot day, and the location couldn't have been more beautiful... on the shores of Okanagan Lake.  One of the first people HUGO A GO-GO & I "bumped" into was our own B.C. Premier CHRISTY CLARK.  She said "OH, you're the guys who always wear the great costumes!"  OMG!  SHE KNEW US???? lol  She even wore my gay glasses for a photo op and it ended up on her official Facebook page. HUGO A GO-GO told her she is prettier in person and she called him a BIG flirt... I piped in and said "That's why I married him!"  We saw a few people we recognized from different PRIDES we have attended in other cities... along with the usual booths and familiar food trucks.  They even had a small beer garden, where we had a much needed ice cold cider... and a nice looooooong sit...LOL  HUGO A GO-GO had been having some ankle issues, but it didn't stop him from walking around all day long... after the PRIDE festival we wandered around the gorgeous city of Kelowna... THAT is the next blog I will be posting...    

Moon Shadows Campsite Part 1

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We just got back from our trip to MERRITT and the OKANAGAN PRIDE in KELOWNA.  It was the first time in years HUGO A GO-GO & I have been out of the city for a vacation... and even longer to actually go camping.  We stuffed the "Cherry Bomb" full of gear and hit the road.  The campsite was called MOON SHADOWS, and the experience there was literally life altering.  Such great people there, the manager of the campsite was really cool, and there was a mix of different types of people there... from young couples, to families to groups of bikers.  The first thing we saw was a doe and 2 fawns walking along Cold Water River.  Our campsite was right on the river.  I (yes ME) put up the tent and the screen house. We had never even taken them out of the packages before, so I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to figure it out... but it was literally a piece of cake.  I loved cooking over a camp stove, and the brand new orange bbq HUGO A GO-GO bought a few years ago.  everything went so smoothly, and of course, I was a bit stressed things wouldn't go well, but they did... it was like it was meant to be.  I took plenty of pictures, and I will post the ones of OKANAGAN PRIDE soon, as well as the rest of our trip to MERRITT... Canada's Country Music Capital!  Oh yes, the town is just full of massive murals and hand prints of the world's biggest country stars... and we got photos of them all! 

TPB logo

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Christy Clark Okanagan Pride 2016

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B.C. Premier Christy Clark @ Okanagan Pride 2016

Campin' Fishin' & Pride-in'

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The sun FINALLY decided to make an appearance here on the west coast, so we're off for the week... CAMPING!  HUGO A GO-GO & I are heading out to MERRITT where we found a campsite that was available... It is an hour or so from the Okanagan.  We will be attending their GAY PRIDE in Kelowna on Saturday.  And I see a few wineries in our future as  We haven't been on a vacation like this... well, EVER.  We always stay in hotels when we travel, but this time we decided to throw caution to the wind and rough it.  We will trying our hand at fishing, something I haven't done in YEARS. It should be a blast!


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I visited my BFF BRENT this week and he wanted to check out the new Jim Deva Plaza.  It is located in the heart of the gay village on Davie & Bute Street.  They have done a great job, and it really does look amazing.  A few years ago there were some picnic tables set up there, and they didn't go over well with one of the local businesses... who felt the people hanging out in the area, plus the loss of parking were both costing them business.  I think this more permanent space will attract a better crowd. HOWEVER... There is already some graffiti tagged on the huge pink & turquoise megaphone sculpture... so I guess time will tell... anyway, we enjoyed it.

We have grown some massive tomato plants on our balcony this year... HUGO A GO-GO has been tending to them lovingly, and now we are ready to reap the benefits... all sorts of different kinds of tomatoes.  We are going to have a bumper crop!  You say tomato, we say FABULOUS!

We found some more photos of us in the local papers and on line... We get so psyched when we find one... I am now updating our PRESS page on our official website We noticed that photos for prides past are used in all sorts of promos on TB shows like Shaw  GO!  

PRESS Vancouver Sun Pride Parade 2016

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Yesterday was the 37th annual VANCOUVER PRIDE PARADE!  HUGO A GO-GO & I had the privilege of marching again in the parade (for the 8th year in a row) along side POSITIVE LIVING SOCIETY.  This year our outfits were both very large, and very very PINK!  The day started out at my BFF BRENT'S apartment... our inflatable flamingo costumes were much too large to attempt to ride on the Skytrain with them at full size.  We found out Brent's place was too small as well so we ended up getting dressed in the lobby of his building...LOL  Too hysterical!  

After getting it all together we had a little time before the parade so we walked through the gay village, carefully maneuvering down the sidewalks without a mishap.   All went well, with no explosions lol, and we met up with everyone about an hour before parade time.  We had our photos taken a whole bunch of times, by both passers-by and the press.  We have a photo in the Vancouver Sun today, as well as Vancity Buzz.  Brent watched the parade on television and said he saw us coming from a mile away.  The weather started out overcast and ended up sunny and hot... we BOTH got a bit sun burnt.  The parade itself was amazing... and it was the first time we had a sitting PRIME MINISTER, JUSTIN TRUDEAU, marching in it.  He brought his entire family, and though we didn't get to see him this year, we DID meet him the last time he walked in the parade.  They looked like they were having a blast...Sophie looked FABULOUS... with their youngest son asleep in his stroller through most of it.  

The parade itself went on without a hitch, no issues or anyone trying to disrupt it... just a perfect day all around.  By the time we reached the end of the parade at Sunset Beach (where the festival was being held) we were exhausted.  We wandered around the beach for a while and then headed back up the hill to take the Skytrain home... We took a break as we deflated out flamingos (which may people kept calling SWANS, including the reporter from the Vancouver Sun  lol)  and many who passed us commented on how much they loved our costumes...even MISS JOAN E, a famous local drag queen who was on air doing a live broadcast, said WE were HER favorite!  A glowing endorsement indeed.